Thursday, March 25, 2010

A new internet site using SharePoint -

Take a look at the new site - an external facing internet site created for the Australian goverment to spread news about the Indigenous Australian related projects. My company, Extelligent Design, helped build the site which includes such features as tagging (with a custom built tag cloud), content query web parts and jquery picture library slide show components. I have helped write some of the components above as part of my day job.

Update: I was asked what the slide show component is - the answer is not flash, nor sliverlight - but a jquery script called galleryview ( that we customized for our needs (different CSS, do not show descriptions and so on) and then embedded in a web control that pulls information from a picture library, formats it as a UL list, and then uses script to show it as a slide show. Easy, and accessible - because even if you don't have javascript enabled you see the picture as a UL list (which is shown anyway at the bottom to make it accessible for other people).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My SharePoint 2010 book available for pre-order

I just noticed that Amazon UK is making my 2010 book available for pre-order.
This is a bit stressful for me, since I have only written 5 chapters so far (out of 14 planned) - I guess I'd better start typing faster!
If you are interested in a end user, how to book that covers all the basics for your end users, have a look at the link, and keep a close watch - I will be posting updates. I can tell you that the book will be very similar in structure to the 2007 book I have already published.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Adding the "Sort by modified date" option to SharePoint 2010 search

By default in SharePoint 2010, the search actions link web part does not show the option to change the sorting order to sort by modified date. However, it is easily added back through the web part's properties. Note that it is now shown as a dropdown and not as a link as it did in SharePoint 2007...

SharePoint Foundation - forcing a search index

If you have SharePoint foundation and you want it to index your sites NOW, all you have to do is go to the service job definitions page and tell the timer job to start.
To do it - open central administration > monitoring>review job definitions>"sharepoint foundation search refresh" and click the "run now" button at the bottom.

SharePoint Foundation - no indexer error

If you have installed just SharePoint Foundation (SPF) and created a site collection before turning search service on (which is off by default when you install SPF), you will get an error "your search cannot be completed because this site is not assigned to an indexer.".
After starting the service it still did not resolve the issue, so I tried to find where to assign the indexer to the site. Before long, I realized that it is not on the site collection settings, nor on the web application settings but instead on the content database setting.
Just go to the manage content databases screen in central management, click on the content database in question (usually WSS_Content) and in the middle of the page there is the option to select a search server.

PS - is anyone else finding it puzzling that the default name for a SPF database starts with WSS? Maybe MS will change that before release?