Sunday, October 11, 2009

Selected pictures view does not work in Citrix

I wonder if anyone else can replicate this. My customer uses citrix to allow remote people to log in and use the intranet. When logged in, using IE8 through citrix, the "selected pictures" view in picture libraries doesnt work.
You go to a picture library, select a few pictures and then in the view selector you select the "selected pictures" view, and you get a view that shows you all the pictures, and does not show the checkboxes (some style issues there).
This is happening with a non-customized sharepoint site, and when you access the same list from a desktop on the network (so, not through citrix) there is no problem.
Anyone seen this? anyone solved this?

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Unknown said...

Some functions about picture management are available in IE when the DLL Owsctrl.dll is properly installed and registered. Maybe this DLL is not well installed for all the users in the Citrix environment