Sunday, July 19, 2009

In memory of a great sharepoint guy

Hi everyone.
If you followed this blog last year, you would have seen the blog post about Lee Marriage's death. Lee was a collegue who helped run the SharePoint user group in Sydney, and had a very useful sharepoint blog, and was a great guy all around.
Lee died last year in the Sydney "City to Surf" run from a heart attack. This year his friends are all going to do the run (or in some cases the walk) in his memory - while raising money for the Heart Research Institute.
If you can, please sponsor us on the everydayhero site: and donate a bit of money. I don't really care if you sponsor me specifically or any other member of the team.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Setting the navigation options for a meeting workspace

This is just wierd. I had to change the navigation options for a meeting workspace using code on a MOSS farm. The meeting workspaces were all under a publishing site, with the publishing feature turned on, so the option to inherit the navigation from the parent site is available in the UI.
However, there is no option to set it in the API.
When dealing with publishing sites, you can easily set it by using the PublishingWeb object instead of the SPWeb object - but using PublishingWeb.IsPublishingWeb on the event workspace returns false.
So I had a look at the code that runs when you click OK on the navigation settings page - and guess what? Microsoft doesnt check if the site is a publishing web or not - they just assume it is, and set the properties! So I did the same, and the code runs great. It doesnt matter that it is not a publishing web.
PublishingWeb pubWeb = PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb(web); pubWeb.InheritGlobalNavigation = true;

Australian IT people - Want to learn about sharepoint?

SharePoint Saturday is coming to Sydney
This upcoming event (the 8th of August 2009 at the Microsoft Sydney Office) is going to be an awesome event with a lot of sessions - all about sharepoint. Think TechED - but only for SharePoint.

Join SharePoint architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for ‘SharePoint Saturday’, on Saturday, August 8th, 2009. SharePoint Saturday will be an educational, informative & lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & MVPs, covering a wide variety of SharePoint-orientated topics. SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!
It is free, and there are many prizes (including my book), and if you come you can hear me talk about developing web parts - General Meeting: How to build real world web parts where I will demonstrate how to build a web part for SharePoint from scratch, and then will demonstrate some of the most elusive best practices that web part developers need to know.

Other sessions available are:
Building a Bulletproof SharePoint Farm; Disaster Recovery and High Availability for SharePoint
What SharePoint Administrators should know about SQL Server
Building Process Driven Applications leveraging SharePoint
ASP.Net and SharePoint
Content Deployment Bootcamp
Blooming SharePoint (SharePoint UI customizations)
Geographically Distributed Deployments for SharePoint
SharePoint as a platform for enterprise mash-ups
SharePoint Document imaging - The paper-laden office is here to stay
MOSS 2007 – Architecture best practices from the field
SharePoint Designer: Working with the DataView Web Part
Leveraging SharePoint Web Services

This whole event was organized by my friend Brian Farnhill - who has a great SharePoint developer blog that you should check out if you didn't already, and by fellow MVP Ben Walters - also a great guy all around.