Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finally - a solution to having bluetooth in windows 2008

As you know, I run windows 2008 on my laptop - to take advantage of hyper-v, and to be able to develop and demo sharepoint FAST.
The only problem I had so far was the bluetooth - which I solved in past installations, and then something broke and I couldnt get it to work again. Well - if you have the same problem as me, here is the solution that solved my issues:

Monday, February 09, 2009

Preventing IIS from logging activity on a specific sharepoint site

A friend at "Kraft Foods" sent me the following tip to share with you. I must say that I didn't try it myself - so use at your own risk.

The problem
IIS logs activity for a sharepoint web application, for all sites. If you have a web application with a lot of sites, and a lot of activity, the IIS logs may grow out of proportion and make analysis of the logs harder and harder. What if you don't want it to audit all sites, but just some of them? what if we want to exclude a certain site that is hit often, and we don't care if it is audited by IIS?

Well, if our site was a regular .net site, we would have the folders of that site (the virtual directories) shown and we could mark places in the hierarchy that we do not want to audit. But SharePoint does not create virtual folders in IIS, instead IIS has only one folder for all site collections in the web application.

The solution
According to my friend, the solution is to manually create folders under the IIS physical folder by the url names of the sites that you want to exclude. For example, if you have a site called "News" that you want to exclude from the logs, go to "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\{your web application}" and create a folder "News". Then, in IIS right click the folder, and configure it to be excluded from the logs.

More Info
I couldnt find how to exclude the folder in windows 2008 - but in IIS6 you can do that under "Directories" tab, by setting "Log Visits" = unchecked.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

New MOSS internet site launched - good case study

One of the three Israeli mobile communication companies has released a new web site – using MOSS. From my initial review, it is one of the best implementations I have seen so far in that it:

  1. Works (I couldn’t find a page with errors or place holder text which is usual in new sites)
  2. works reasonably fast
  3. usable – nice big global navigation, in sub sites there is a nice distinct secondary navigation
  4. different sections have different backgrounds – so the shop pages look different from the customer relations pages
  5. makes use of personalisation – users can log on, see their account and special offers
  6. even search looks good and is optimised with keywords and best bets – although they could have used a different font for the description to make it different from the link)
  7. system pages are properly disabled – showing a user friendly error message
  8. same for page not found error
The site (which is in Hebrew) can be found under

Does anyone know who built the site for them? kudos!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dispose check tool - to check your best practices

Paul Andrew from Microsoft has just announced that the SPDisposeCheck tool was released to the public. I have tested this tool in Alpha and Beta, and provided Microsoft with feedback -and now the completed tool is ready for you to download. A must for every sharepoint developer! See Paul's blog post or go to the MSDN download page