Monday, October 20, 2008

New SharePoint book coming up - by me!

If you have a lot of end users asking you how to do stuff in sharepoint, maybe you should preorder this book. I have been writing it in the last few months, and am getting close to finishing it, and it is already up for pre ordering in Amazon.

This book is intended for non technical users.(Not for developers or administrators) who want a SharePoint companion to help them with day to day sharepoint tasks - things like "What is sharepoint?" and "How do I switch views in a list?" or "How do I create a view?" and so on.

I am very excited about this - and I hope it will be a success so I can write some more books - maybe the next one will be for you - the developer? But that will only be possible if this book is a success, since writing is a lot of effort. So, please, tell your friends, and get your purchasing officer to pre order some - it is on discount!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! :)
It's very useful for our end users.

Anonymous said...

This is great Ishai. We have been looking for a book we can distribute to 100s of our business users and non Technical Site and Content Managers. I was on a verge of writing one for our company when this book came along as a life saver.