Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Showing "my links" on a web page

You know how users can have a list of links known as "my links" in MOSS? (not WSS) It has a nice web interface for managing favorites and storing them in the user's "my site", and even group them by groups, and display them in every page on the top as a drop down menu:

Well, what if you want to show the list on a page? easy - they exist as web parts, but ones that do not exist in your web part gallery by default.

  1. Open Site actions>Site Settings

  2. Click on "Web Parts"

  3. Click on "New"

  4. Scroll down in the list to find "QuickLinksMicroView" and select it

  5. Click on "populate gallery" and go to the page where you want the web part.

  6. Add the web part to the page

The web part has only two properties to customize it:

And at the end it looks like this:


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Anonymous said...

If it is possible to expose this in a webpart then does anyone know if it is possible to expose them in a dataview webpart?

Thanks for the insight into the web part I hadn't seen that before.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ishai,
Thank you for the great article. This is a very useful web part, but I have found few bugs after playing with it.
You can read and verify them from my post
Showing "my links" with QuickLinksMicroView web part - Issues you should know about

- James