Monday, April 14, 2008

First day in the MVP Summit, Seattle

So, I arrived here yesterday for the great MVP Summit of 2008, but I am sick. I am sneezing and coughing and my head is swimming. I guess people here will remember me as "that guy who kept coughing during the presentations".

For that reason I am missing the annual SharePoint MVP paintball game that is going on now, and I am sitting in my hotel room, writing this post.
On a brighter note, I have visited the Seattle Aquarium this morning and found it a very nice one - very well displayed. You have to love those otters.

Today we have nothing serious to do - some open sessions that I was planning to go to, but that have nothing to do with SharePoint - so I am resting and trying to build up my strength for tomorrow. That is when things get interesting and I will be hearing all kind of plans for SharePoint, and meeting with the people who make the product. Do you have any questions you want me to ask? just comment on this blog post, and I will try to get you answers.

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Sumit Kumar Domyan said...

Hi Ishai,

I have few questions:

1. Can we search into infopath attachments?
2. This is concerning the user profile import between sharepoint and Active Directory. I have configured the user profile import such that only active user profiles are pulled from AD.
If i delete or disable a user in AD, the user import process moves this profile into a "missing profiles from import" status. I believe that the mysitecleanjob should clean these profiles up. This does not occur even post-service pack 1 installation.
3. We have a content management portal. everyday contents are getting uploaded then it undergoes an approval process. Now, we want to move only approved contents to live server. Is there any way to do that?

Hope I'm not asking too many questions. :-)