Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is customer support!

Sorry - another non-sharepoint post. I promise to post something good later today.

I just got a response from the GPS company TomTom about a question I sent them. You see, my TomTom GPS is also a bluetooth hands free in my car, and has a microphone that you attach to the sun screen which allows you to talk with great sound quality. The problem is that tomtom never expected someone like me to use that - I broke the microphone clip after about 8 months use.
The annoying thing - they dont sell spare parts. In the UK you can buy another set of microphone+clip, but here in Australia it is not available for some reason. So I got to tomtom web site, and in the support section asked for help. within a day (!) I got a response that they are sending me a replacement!

This is the kind of customer service I like to see. I know that the next GPS I get will be a tomtom.

Side note - if anyone from tomtom is reading this - can you add an Israel map to your collections of maps? I really want to travel with my tomtom...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

DELL XPS and 64bit operating systems

This has me angry enough to blog about. I have a Dell XPS m1330 laptop. Its a great laptop - fast, small, efficient and best of all - it is configured with all the best options available from dell (except for a solid state hard drive), including 4GB RAM - which dictates a 64bit operating system to take advantage of the juice.
The only problem is that you cannot install a 64bit operating system on it without turning off AHCI - which sucks. I called Dell, and a supporter named "Michael MG" confirmed that they (dell) do not know what drivers are needed to download to make this work (he advised me to "google it") and when I asked, if my laptop doesnt have a "A:" drive how do I install drivers during windows installation. Michael told me that I can't and therefore should only install windows 32bit or turn off AHCI support.
Does anyone know if the Apple machines support AHCI on vista 64bit?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Service pack is released

Ok, so all other bloggers are talking about it, you probably dont need me to tell you - but just in case I have a reader who only reads my blog - here are the links to the service packs:
  1. Windows SharePoint Services v3 SP1
  2. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SP1
  3. Office SharePoint Designer 2007 SP1
I didn't install those myself yet - if I run into trouble I will post.