Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Code Practices - getting\setting values from\to the lookup and the hyperlink fields

How to get data from a field that is a lookup? how to set data into a field that is a hyperlink?
I don't believe I didn't write about this yet. It's so common!

For both cases, sharepoint object model exposes classes to help us get or set the data we want. These are the SPFieldLookupValue and the SPFieldUrlValue.

Example 1: Set the url field of a link

Use the SPFieldUrlValue class to create an object that holds the url to link to, and the title to display:

SPList list = web.Lists["Links"];

SPListItem newLink = list.Items.Add();

SPFieldUrlValue value = new SPFieldUrlValue();

value.Description = "test";

value.Url = "";

newLink["URL"] = value;


Example 2: Get the url field of a link

Use the SPFieldUrlValue class to create an object that gets the url and description:

SPList list = web.Lists["Links"];

SPListItem existingLink = list.Items[0];

SPFieldUrlValue value = new SPFieldUrlValue(existingLink["URL"].ToString());

string linkTitle = value.Description;

string linkURL = value.Url;

Example 3: Set the value of a lookup field for a known title and ID

In the following example I am using SPFieldLookupValue to set the value of a lookup field ("Group Name") to item "Program Operations", whose ID is 14:

SPList list = web.Lists["Branches"];

SPListItem newBranch = list.Items.Add();

newBranch["Title"] = "A New Branch";

SPFieldLookupValue newValue = new SPFieldLookupValue(14,"Program Operations");

newBranch["Group Name"] = newValue;


Example 4: Get the value of a lookup field from an item

Here I am reading the value of the group name field (which is a lookup field in the branches list):

SPList list = web.Lists["Branches"];

SPListItem existingBranch = list.Items[0];

SPFieldLookupValue group = new SPFieldLookupValue(existingBranch["Group Name"].ToString());

int lookedUpItemID = group.LookupId;

string lookedUpItemTitle = group.LookupValue;


Soudip Biswas said...

does it work for SPS 2003...???
if not,can you suggest me how can i do it for sharepoint 03 or wss 2.0

sandeep said...

How to get the lookup field value when I have only lookup id with me? I am trying to get this value in the ItemAdding when I read the AfterProperties for the lookup field, I only get the lookup id from that.

Raghavendra K said...

thanks.. Here are some code snippets

Geoff Ford said...

Thanks, this has helped a lot. I was originally using listItem["URL"].ToString().Split(',')but this failed horribly when people entered things like "Gypsies, Tramps and Theives"