Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Live vs Google

Every now and then someone from Microsoft asks me why I don't use Live Search as my search engine. My answer is always the same - results are awful!

In my opinion Microsoft have a lot to learn before getting us a proper search engine.

First - try searching for "sharepoint australia" (without the quotes) - in google, the first results is Angus Logan's blog and the second is the APAC conference from two months ago.
The third results is my post about me presenting at teched australia.
The fourth - my user group in Canberra.

Now do the same with Live - first result is the APAC conference, next is the site for WISDOM - where they sell sharepoint related products. Next, a broken link to a page in that does not exist any more - another company that works with sharepoint.
Why is it broken? Well, the link under is is also to the same site, but this time the aspx page doesnt have an underscore and it works.
As we go down in the page, we see more and more sites of vendors trying to sell you something, or microsoft's own site. Not a single blog or user group site in sight.

My conclusion - Google results are quality based, while MS results are commercially based. And until they change that - I AM NOT USING LIVE.

Note - this was triggered by an old blog post by Arpan about how he uses Live search because it is better.


Anonymous said...

I agree I tried live for a while the reults were terrible. i.e.
"uk personal tax allowance"
1. HM Revenues and customs tax allowance page 2007, bang on.
Followed by lots of giving correct info.
1. Deloitte obscure report from 2006.
I found the correct info 5 links down on an obscure site. The correct page which was 1 in google didnt even appear even after pages of results.
Dumped live after 1 day.

Dylan said...

Woah, I typed in almost exactly the same search you've used as an example ("sharepoint australia consulting") this morning! Spooky.

And nope, I'm not a fan of Live either.