Monday, April 23, 2007

Using a SharePoint list as an authentication provider

I normally don't post links to other peoples' articles, but when something makes me say "wow" or "why didn't I think of that". This tip is really cool.
It shows in an easy to follow step-by-step process how to make a "users" list in sharepoint, and then make sharepoint (or any other .net application) authenticate users based on that list.
The possibilities are endless. Thank you Willie Rust.


Oskar Austegard said...

Willie's site has been down for some time - get the Google cache of parts 1 and 2 here:


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately these google casche links don't work - does anyone have the links or know the technique for using a sharepoint list as authetication provider?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the links don't work, could someone please find an alternate and post it here....I've been chasing for this solution for a while now.