Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Print list feature improved!

That is why I like open source. Scot Hiller who started an open source project for free sharepoint features took my "Print List" feature and improved it, and published it in codeplex. I wish the referance to me was clearer (it just says "the author" and codeplex doesnt support putting in links in the description! ha!) but I know that Scot did his best with the codeplex interface.
So run to codeplex and download the print list from there. And if you have the time and knowledge - contribute to the project!


Anonymous said...

Yes, that's why open source is so great - you get the help of the community. Notice that the home page is a Wiki page, so you can play with it quite a lot.
Look at a sample app I published in CodePlex to see how flexible it is: http://www.codeplex.com/MsnHistoryMerger

The wiki edit guide is quite good, but I’m more than happy to help if you want it. :)

K.D.Kadyan said...

Always client require that they should be able to print item by item also. How can we achieve this please help out me.