Monday, January 22, 2007

MOSS gets good reviews - "Is Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 a golden app?"

take a look at "Is Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 a golden app?" in about MOSS.
These people did do some real research and are not spouting silly one-liners such as "doesn’t necessarily encourage lot of collaboration".
The article prounounces MOSS as being such a big collaboration tool that most organizations feel a need to block and limit some of it (sounds familiar? I said that last week!).
One thing to note in the article - they noted that the BDC is a task for developers (which I agree with) but then they write "a Visual Studio job, no doubt.". Well, just to make things precise - no, you dont need visual studio - any XML editor or even notepad is enough to create a BDC definition. The problem starts when you want to expose your application's data - and if the data is not in SQL, you will need to develop a web service for it, and that's where Visual Studio may come in (you can use other technologies or IDE - no one is forcing you).

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