Monday, January 01, 2007

InfoPath Form Services Best Practices- The View State

If you havent read the technet article on infopath form services best practices, now is the time.
However, The article gives some advice about something called the "form view" and doesnt specify where to set it. So to help you find it - here is where.

In central administration, open the "application management" page, and under the "Infoopath Forms Services" section you will find a link "Configure Infopath Form Services".
The bottom of the page contains two options - Session state service and Form view.

Now, if you had read the technet article on infopath form services best practices (you mean you still didnt? why not?) you will know the difference between the two - the form view reduces database load. it puts everything on the client side, and that means that a lot of data is sent between the client and the server each time something happens on the form.
This is recommended if you dont have bandwidth problems in your environment, because your SQL server will have less load on it. However, if your deployment is such that you have poor connections for some of the users, I suggest you either set session state, or set a low number of kilobytes in the form view maximum box.

You should note that session state service is turned off by default on the server. You must set up a shared service provider first, and then enable it (application management page - configure session state). You may also need to allow it in the web.config file (see my previous article on the subject).

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