Monday, October 30, 2006

Do you like the new look? check out the new options!

I moved to blogger beta, which means I now have label support, so you can browse my articles better using the "Labels" links on the right of the screen. Also you will note that the archive is more user friendly!.
I Just wish that they would add RSS to the labels so that people can register to each category seperatly. I guess thats why they call it labels instead of categories...maybe in the future.

I would like to draw your attention (especialy my RSS readers) to a new link on the side of my blog here - a link to a job network. This is an interesting thing our friend from is trying - a network of people who read blogs to help each other get jobs.
The idea is simple- if you are reading my blog, it means you care enough about sharepoint to come to my site and read about it. This probably means you are a good sharepoint employee and employers are looking for people like you.
Face it - the very fact that you are reading my blog (or any tech blog) is a recommendation by itself.
Thats what HiddenNetwork is all about - connecting active & passive people in the community. And since the employers are also going to hear about that site from bloggers, it means that you stand a better chance to find work in a decent working place.

So if you are interested, and if you are looking for developers or consultants, go there and post an ad. I dont care if you use my link or not (I do get money if you do) since I am not blogging for a living like others do, but what I do care about is how damn hard it is to get good employees these days!

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