Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Microsoft Expression - Dont install on sharepoint machines

I recently downloaded and installed Microsoft Expression Beta 1.
From first glance it looked just like SharePoint Designer. I wanted to be sure of that, and tried to install designer on the same machine. guess what? I got an error.
ok- I removed Expression from my machine and then - my sharepoint started throwing script errors at me! "Library not registered" in every page!

After crying and reparing sharepoint and even restoring the entire "12" folder, I realized when the problem started (uninstalling expression) and I knew how to fix it- I installed sharepoint designer!
This time the installation worked, and afterwards sharepoint stopped antagonizing me.

So lesson of the days - never install Expression beta one on a server running Sharepoint beta 2.

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Anonymous said...

I've just uninstalled the Microsoft Web Designer Beta 1 and the "Library not registered" script error was gone.