Monday, August 21, 2006

Reasons why not to buy the O2 Atom

Ok, I know this is a sharepoint blog, but I am too pissed off right now to care! I bought an O2 Atom mobile phone when it first came out (around February) and am VERY dissapointed with it!

Let me just say before my rant that I did install the latest RAM and all updates available from O2 (I even made sure of that by calling their tech support).

Whats wrong? everything:

  1. The machine is just slow!
  2. answering calls more often then not disconnects the call.
  3. Skype is not supported, and while the application runs, people on the other side cannot hear me (even though I can hear them). I researched this on the internet and found that this is common to Atom users (while iMate users dont have the problem). O2 say that skype is 3rd party and not their responsibility, while skype says they only support specific manufacturers (such as iMate)
  4. The phone design isnt protecting the battery. its very easy for the battery cover to slide out. I had to buy a special case for the phone to prevent that.
  5. Since I got it, the phone would periodically shut itself down without explanation. sometimes when answering a call, sometimes when receiving an SMS and sometime just when in my pocket
  6. I sent the phone to be fixed in O2. I thought it was nice of them that I didnt have to pay for delivery. however, once I sent it, I got no confirmation that the got the phone. I called support after 3 weeks and they told me it arrived, but no one could tell me whats up with it. A day later (after they didnt call me back as promised) I called them again and was told the motherboard needs to be replaced. again, no time was specified. A day later (AGAIN - after they didnt call me back as promised) they told me they cant get in touch with the store that does the repairs, and they will call me back Three days later (need I say they didnt call me, even though I asked to talk to a manger) I called them and was told a manager actuall contacted the store and the phone will be ready in two weeks (this is after a month has passed and me with no phone!). So a month and a half seems reasonable to these people to fix a phone that is under warranty???

Sorry O2, I will not be a future customer, and I will warn my friends to avoid you. You are lacking both in customer service as well as product quality.

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