Thursday, August 10, 2006

Free WSSv3 web part...soon

A few weeks ago I promissed I would release a code sample, but since then I didnt have time to finish the sample. I will make an extra effort to finish this code. As for what this is about - I have created two web parts to make use of site properties. This is an under-used feature in the object model of sharepoint - adding string properties to a site. The reason its underused - there is no user interface to use it! so why not make one? A possible scenario is when you want to save additional metadata on a site. storing this metadata within the SPWeb object will help reduce runtime for applications that in the past saved the metadata elsewhere (for example in lists, text files or external databases). A good example from the past - we had a project where the customer wanted a WSS site for each project that he had in project server, but to be used for it own purposes. We had to find a place to store the ID of the project and the URL of the project server for each site. This kind of solution over complicates a design for something that should have been rather simple. Another hipothetical example : using sites as objects. Lets say a site represents a book cabinet, and the lists in the site listed the books in the cabinet. people would go into the site and add or remove books from the list, or change the status of the books. Cabinets were identified by the site's name and description. Now - what if we want more information about the cabinet?
  1. its location
  2. its height
  3. its width
  4. its color

and now we want a web part that shows us all the sites in a list so people can filter and see "only the black cabinets" (for example). We also want to make sure that when people create a new "cabinet" they will fill in the details for the cabinet.

There were ways to achive that, but again having properties on the SPWeb object simplifies things.

The only thing missing now is a way to implement these properties. My proposed two web parts will fill that void.

The first web part will display the site's properties (based on a set of rules) The secont web part will allow users to edit the site properties (again, based on a set of rules)

So as I said, the web parts are almost complete. I will probably feel comfortable enough to upload the one that displays properties sooner, as I am having problems with the editing one - I am trying to utilize some cool controls to allow editing different types of properties (even though all the properties are string properties).

Keep in touch - comming soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello Ishai Sagi,

Can we integrate sharepoint portal server 2003 with some rich client
application developed in vc++, C#, or with some web
application. (fully integrated SPS 2003 web interface within the app.)

You can have a look at this link:
(view the flash presentation)..

Iam a new user to SPS2003. So,Can anyone have any idea how this integration
has been done?.. Please Help.

Thanks & regards.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
Good info thanks.
I have one query my webpart written for Sharepoint-v2 are not working in sharepoint-V3 does this need to re-coded again ? or do we have any migration tools to do this?


Unknown said...

hello, can i integrate project server with wss, with which i am already having a sharepoint portal server.