Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great new search solution for WSS 2

I know I usually write about wss3 and sharepoint 2007, but this product just got released by KwizCom that I thought all my readers should be aware of.

The product is "WSS Cross Site Search" and it allows you to search in WSS as if you had portal (across sites, advanced search and more) and for cheap (current pricing stands on 560$)!

Now, I have seen some other products that do similar items, but what I liked about this one, is that it completely integrates into the wss framework. Take a look:

And check out the advanced search page:

I also like the sound of some of the items in the feature list:
  • Easy management of properties available for the advanced search
  • User can define that the search results page will be displayed on a new window
  • Clicking an Office 2003 document (Word, Excel, PPT) in the search results page opens it in Edit mode
  • Available both as a web part and as a custom control, enabling easy deployment both in WSS sites and WSS site definitions

How good is that???

I hope you find it as useful as I do. The guys from KwizCom did it again.

Link to the product page

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Stephen's CRM and SharePoint Blog said...

Wow.. Most of my customers needs portal because of the search capabilities.. Not any more ;)

Anonymous said...

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