Thursday, June 22, 2006

Whats new with list views in Sharepoint 2007?

List views are the one of the most important flexibility feature in sharepoint. They enable us to create customized views for specific purposes, showing different fields and applying different filters on the same list.

I guess we all expected to have more exciting views options in the new version - like maybe grouping by more than two fields, or having more formulas for the filter (how about [Manager] as a token? how about a datediff formula?)

However, in the current beta there are not alot of changes, but some cool things were added:

  1. Gantt view Allows showing a list as a project gantt chart. This requires you to specify 4 fields - "title", "start date","end date" and a "precent complete" field. Nice of microsoft to let us pick the title field. So many times we get stuck with using a predefined field for this.
  2. Grouping - select how many groups per page.
    In the previous version it was very annoying how shareoint handled paging of list items in a grouped view. When you created a view that grouped items by a field, and limited the number of item per page to (for example) 5, if the first group had more than 5 items the user would only see one group in the page, and didnt know that there are more groups unless he clicked the "next page" link. Now, we can choose to page groups as well as items. Good going!
  3. Preview pane style Ok, I have some idea of what microsoft were trying to achieve here, but I wont hazard the guess. The only thing I can say about this option is that it doesnt work. See in the following screen capture what happens when I choose this style for a document library. Selecting this: Leads to this:


I am actually disappointed from the changes to the views. one is cool, the second is actually a design fix that should have been done as a service pack in the previous version, and the third is a bug. I also expected more forumlas support in the filter and more style options. I hope microsoft has plans to improve that before release.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Gantt charts never really turned out too well. For small-scale things they work, but there is no way to adjust the timescale, so when I have a three-year long project, I end up with a huge horizontal scrolling problem. At least it contains itself in the Web Part, though, and doesn't throw off the whole page.