Monday, March 13, 2006

Search Highlighting

Hey, I just have to let everyone know about this one. You know how google (and other search engines) highlights the words you searched for in the results? well, now you can do that in sharepoint! I wrote this application for Kwizcom (friends of mine). Its a sharepoint portal server search that highlights the searched words in the search page and inside the documents (doc, rtf and pdf). You also can configure how the highlighting will appear (bold? blue? blinking? just configure your own!) and how it will work (case sensative? search whole word or part of a word?). Oh yeah... a bonus feature (one that customers always ask me for) is that when you click a word document from the search results - it will open up in word and not in the internet explorer window (which is annoying!). Now your users dont have to click "back" to get from the word document back to the search results. I find it fantastic value... check it out!


Anonymous said...

We discovered that the Outlook Junk Mail filter trashers messages from Sharepoint when URLs are in the subject. Since this is the defult for many Sharepoint messages, this is a problem

Anonymous said...


We are evaluating the KWizCom Highlighter and have the following comments:

1. After using the search tool, when you navigate away from the Search Result Page, the URL spec is still highlighting. Can this be corrected somehow?
2. Opening a word document seems to take a long time and sometimes Word locks up.
3. Opening Adobe PDF dosen't hightlight the searched words.