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Best of 2023

SharePoint configuration wizard

When cumulative doesn't mean cumulative

So, I just tried adding a new server to a farm, after patching it to the same level as all other servers in the farm (April 2017 CU).
Surprisingly, the SharePoint configuration wizard told me off, saying the server is missing the December 2016 CU.

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sharepoint taxonomy

Taxonomy field value doesn't set

We had a puzzle today, which we were sure was an issue with the scheduler portion of the document property parser in SharePoint. Every time we tried to set the value of a specific column using either our existing powershell script or an event handler that works on every other library in the system, the document would be updated with the property value, but after a second we'd refresh the page and see the value went back to null.

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Users able to open documents using links, even without permissions

Recently I had to troubleshoot an issue where end-users were able to open links to documents they had no permissions to open. If they tried opening the library they got the "access denied" message that is expected, but clicking a link directly to a document in the library resulted in the document either opening up in the browser, or downloaded. We double checked the documents did not have item level security, and they didn't.

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Best of 2022

document center

Activating the Document ID feature

This is a weird one - I have a feature, that when activated loops over a list of other features and activates them - using "Force" :

site.Features.Add(currentFeatureID, true);

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document column

Finding if a site column exists in a site, by ID

Scenario - you have an ID of a site column (SPField belonging to SPWeb)and you want to find out if there is a field by that ID in the collection.

Problem: if you try something like:

web.Fields[fieldID] == null

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different folder views

Folder sorting in views

A client has alerted me to an unexpected behavior of list views where folders are involved.

The client wanted to make sure the folders are always on the top of the view, regardless of sort order, and, looking at the settings of the view it should have happened. However, seemingly at random some document libraries stopped doing that, while other libraries were fine.

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Best of 2021


SharePoint error 0x81020030

If you try to upload a file to a sharepoint document library, and get an error about invalid file name or url, it could be that your problem has nothing to do with the file name - it could be a problem with a corrupt column that has been added to the document library.

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database code visualization

Getting the full name of a feature by code

When you use the SPFeatureDefinition object, and you want to get the name of the feature you are manipulating, the "DisplayName" property of that object returns a string that is NOT the display name of the feature as you see it when you view the feature list on the site. For example, the display name of "Publishing Infrastructure" feature will be returned as "PublishingSite".

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papers being sorted

Fields not sortable or filterable

A client alarmed me today, showing me that in one document library a field I created didn't allow users to filter or sort on it. I couldn't find why in that library it did that, while the same site column in all other libraries allowed filtering and sorting. Checking in sharepoint manager showed no difference between the field in the different libraries - so I was stuck on that one as well.

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