Friday, October 14, 2011

Setting the images for a publishing page from a module

Here is a small tip for developers (about time I wrote one again). What do you do if you want to provision a publishing page to a sharepoint site, and set the page's image (or rollup image) during the provisioning?
Well, step one should be obvious - make sure you upload the image you want to display. This can be done in the same feature or a seperate one. I will assume that you already know how do do that (if not, then the MSDN article "how to provision a file" is your friend). The same goes for actually how to build the feature and module that uploads your publishing page (again, refer to the MSDN article, or better yet, see my friend Waldek's article discussing just this).
So what am I talking about? I want to focus on how to set two specific properties on the page - the page's image and the page's rollup image. These two are not regular properties, since they are publishing properties. They do not expect the same kind of value that regular image properties expect (which is the same as a hyperlink - first part is the link to the image, than a space and a comma and then the description of the image). With publishing fields you need to supply the actual HTML that will be shown as the image.
Since this is done in the module, you will have to create a "Property" element in your "File" element in the module. The value of that property should be the HTML, but encoded so that the XML doesnt become invalid. The value (when not encoded) should look like this:

<img alt='This is a picture of a chicken' src='/PublishingImages/chicken.jpg' style='border:0px solid;'>

And the entire property (with the value encoded) should look like this:

<Property Name="PublishingRollupImage" Value="&lt;img alt='AFL peace Team at Whitten Oval' src='/newsandblog/PublishingImages/22-gal-tn.jpg' style='border:0px solid;'&gt;" />

Hope that helps someone!

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