Saturday, May 01, 2010

To Silverlight or not to Silverlight?

I just found that having silverlight installed on my client is not always a good idea when using SharePoint 2010. Yes, it makes for a much better presentation and user some instances you lose functionality!

For instance, when creating a list, if you are using silverlight you get the awesome create dialog - with searching and filtering and all. And all you have to do is choose a template and give the new list a name, and that is it! all the other settings (description, add to navigation) are kept as default. Not happy with the defaults? simply click the "More Options" button and you will get the same dialog that people without silverlight get - the same one that you used to get back in sharepoint 2007.


Or do you?

It seems that the more options dialog only offers the basic settings for the lists - not the custom ones. For example, on a task list, the dialog is missing the option to "Send e-mail when ownership is assigned", which is shown in the settings page if you do not have Silverlight .

Since this is something that can be configured later (list settings, advanced settings), I guess it is not going to be high on the priority to change, but it does irk me that by installing Silverlight I am actually losing some settings when creating the list that I used to have before Silverlight .

an idea for SP1?

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