Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help me decide on a logo for my new company - Extelligent Design

Yes, I have opened my new company and am now working for myself. I will give details soon - including releasing the web site, but I cannot do that without a decent logo. Can you help?

If you are interested in earning $300 USD, go to my logo contest and submit an entry there. It finishes on the 20th of February, so there is not much time.

You don't have to submit an entry - you can also vote on the entries other people entered and let me know what you like. To do that, go to the contest next week when the submissions has ended (after the 20th) and login to vote (you will have to register in that site - which I recommend if you have a few hours to spend looking at photoshop wonders).

At the end of next week I will announce the winner and release my brand new site - offering sharepoint consulting, training and products (I am now the official distributer of KWizCom products in Australia and New Zealand)

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