Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - virtual vs non virtual

This has been a very bad week - since the Beta of SharePoint 2010 came out I have been trying to install it and set up a demo environment for developers on my laptop - without much success. Since 2010 requires 64 bit, this ruled out using VPC, and since I don't like using 2008 as the host on my laptop, this meant I had two choices: virtualize with a non-MS solution that allows 64bit clients (virtualbox by sun or vmware) or install sharepoint directly on my windows 7 host - which means I would have Beta software running on my production laptop.

I chose to try virtualbox - and failed twice. First I installed windows 2008r2, and during my presentation to the user group last week it was a disaster - the site kept crashing with unknown error, nothing in the logs and nothing working.

Then I installed a fresh install of windows 2008 with all service packs in the virtual environment - and again installed sharepoint. Again - same symptoms - the site crashes and works SLOWLY.

Finally today I gave up and installed the entire 2010 beta system on my laptop itself - on the windows 7. Apart from the fact that I had to download and install the prerequisites manually (on the server it did it automatically for me) and apart from the fact that I didn't follow the instructions very well (I used 7-zip to extract the .exe file so I can change the config.xml file - which put all files in the one folder - losing the hierarchy. it turns out this gives a "wrong language" error (I forget the exact syntax)) the installation went quickly and easily - so now I have a stand alone windows 7 with sharepoint 2010 and office 2010 and VS2010.

I will keep updating when I have time to play with all of the above...


Erol GIRAUDY said...

I do it in english (that go well for SPF2010)
In french no way for SPF2010

Do you change the config XML for SPS 2010 ?

Marco Rietveld said...

I'm using virtualbox to run sharepoint 2010 on server 2008 r2 and have no problems. The only time virtualbox crashes was when starting virtual pc when virtualbox was running.
Problems I had with installing and crashing config wizard SP2010 on server 2008 R2 are solved with this hotfix

freddy81 said...


And what about VHD Boot with Win 7 ? You could do exactly the same with win 7 + SharePoint 2010 or Win 2006 R2 Install !

Check Slide Deck of SPC09 !


Nicolas De Irisarri said...

Yoy shoyuld try running win 7 with its VHD mounting support. I think it has a good balance between virtual/real. I installed 200R2 this way and it works really good, and when I finished installing 2010 env, I'll copy the vhd just in case I have to roll back my env..

check out http://www.hanselman.com/blog/LessVirtualMoreMachineWindows7AndTheMagicOfBootToVHD.aspx

dparkar said...

This might help you :