Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SharePoint 2010 - No more reasons for WSS web parts

I am now in the session presented by Maurice Prather - a web part guru who used to be in Microsoft working on sharepoint in the past. He is now discussing my favorite topic- how to develop and deploy web parts in sharepoint 2010. News - WSS web part are phassed out. How is this different than 2007? they already said that in the past - the framework still gives the wss web part the same benefits - caching, better communication options and WSPC.

How is it possible to stop using the WSS web part class? the answer is that in asp.net web parts will now have more functionality available to them such as:

  1. Versioning of web parts in pages - if you make a change in a web part in a page - and then revert the page to old version of the page, the web part will be versioned with the page.
  2. Ajax
  3. Client object model
  4. Cross site scripting safeguards
  5. sandboxed solutions (I wrote about that yesterday)

So I don't see a solution for caching - you should implement the native ASP.NET cache.

WPSC will still exist for WSS web parts - so you can still do client side collections with it. But - now that you can do it with ajax, there is no reason why to use a WSS web part.

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