Monday, October 19, 2009

News from the SharePoint Conference 2009

Well, the show is on. The key note was done and I am sure a lot of people will start blogging like mad, so I will make an effort to contribute my thoughts. Unfortunately, this will be in more of a "thought of a day" (or "thought of a session") style - until I get time off my feet to write complete reviews of what I saw and what I think. But stay tuned as I do have a lot to say and tell you in the next few weeks, as I travel around the world to learn what is new in sharepoint
For now - some exciting tidbits:

  • SP2010 will support XHTML and WCAG standards
  • SP2010 will run on Vista and Windows7 for development!
  • SP2010 will have cross-farm content types for managing your taxonomy!
  • The replacement for BDC will finally allow you to do what you always wanted - show external databases as if they were sharepoint lists (including CRUD opperations)
  • When adding a web part to the page (page is in edit mode) you get a panel showing you the loading times for different lifecycle parts of the web part, the stack trace and the SQL commands sharepoint did for the web part, and how long each one took!
  • Web parts now have a visual editor in VS2010 - no more writing the UI in code
  • Client side model? I can't wait for that session to start...

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