Sunday, May 31, 2009

SharePoint How To Book is published and in print

Hi everyone. This is to let you know that my book - SharePoint 2007 How-To is now available for purchase as either paperback or pdf or for kindle or sony reader or whatever format you want.

This book is probably not for the regular reader of my blog, since this blog deals with development issues, and the book is targeting end users - so if you are a developer or a sharepoint administrator, you may want to consider this book as the end user training tool for your users. Teach them how to use sharepoint.

When writing the book I had a target in mind - I did not set out to write the difinitive sharepoint guide. The book does not have everything about sharepoint. Instead, it helps the user with the most common tasks that an end user just has to know to be able to use a sharepoint site. So, while there is much more to learn beyond the book, I feel the book gives the reader a good basis to start the learning - without being a heavy, forbidding book that is hard to read (or indeed lift).
I am very interested if anyone who read the book can let me know if they think I achieved that goal. Please, if you have read it - can you leave constructive feedback either here (comment on this post) or in the book's page in Amazon (under "Customer Reviews").

Just so you get a feel what is in the book before you consider buying it (Amazon will let you read parts of it if you want), here is the table of contents:
Part I, "Solutions for Readers", has the most common and basic tasks that do not involve changing anything in SharePoint, but just viewing, browsing, and finding information. This part includes:
Chapter 1, “About Microsoft SharePoint 2007”
Chapter 2, “Finding Your Way Around a SharePoint Site”
Chapter 3, “Solutions Regarding Files, Documents, List Items, and Forms”
Chapter 4, “Searching in SharePoint”
Chapter 5, “Personal Sites and Personal Details (Available Only in MOSS)”

Part II, “Solutions for Authors and Content Managers”, teaches you how to perform tasks that involve adding content to SharePoint or changing the way it looks. This part includes:
Chapter 6, “Creating and Managing Files, List Items, and Forms in SharePoint”
Chapter 7, “Creating Lists and Document Libraries”
Chapter 8, “Creating List Views”
Chapter 9, “Authoring Pages”
Chapter 10, “Managing Security”
Chapter 11, “Workflows”

Part III, “Solutions for Site Managers,” has advanced tasks involved in creating andcustomizing SharePoint sites. This part includes:
Chapter 12, “Creating Subsites”
Chapter 13, “Customizing a SharePoint Site”
Chapter 14, “Managing Site Security”

Finally, I list Common Keyboard Shortcuts for sharepoint (which may surprise you) and useful links to pages that every sharepoint site has (for example- how to get to the "Site content and structure" page or to the page that shows the list of last content you edited... again - this may surprise even the expirienced user.

So what do you think? useful? useless? are you going to buy this? do you need this for end user training? Should I change anything if I write another book for the next version of sharepoint? I'd love to hear what you have to say...

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