Sunday, February 08, 2009

New MOSS internet site launched - good case study

One of the three Israeli mobile communication companies has released a new web site – using MOSS. From my initial review, it is one of the best implementations I have seen so far in that it:

  1. Works (I couldn’t find a page with errors or place holder text which is usual in new sites)
  2. works reasonably fast
  3. usable – nice big global navigation, in sub sites there is a nice distinct secondary navigation
  4. different sections have different backgrounds – so the shop pages look different from the customer relations pages
  5. makes use of personalisation – users can log on, see their account and special offers
  6. even search looks good and is optimised with keywords and best bets – although they could have used a different font for the description to make it different from the link)
  7. system pages are properly disabled – showing a user friendly error message
  8. same for page not found error
The site (which is in Hebrew) can be found under

Does anyone know who built the site for them? kudos!


Unknown said...

The company that created that site is RealCommerce:

Anonymous said...

First hit - first complain!
They forgot to disable the Name ActiveX Control. See Randy Drisgill's blog for more info how to get around this issue.

Anonymous said...

It's also multi-lingual (Russian/Arabic/Hebrew). Look in the bottom left corner for the links to switch.

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 more case-studies for you, both multi-language: - english site =

cigal naftali
eWave software & integration solutions

Anonymous said...

Cool site, nice design but home page kinda heavy, Yslow rates it as an F.

Anonymous said...

seems like Israel is doing quite a bit of SP development?

Osaka said...

Another defect at the site is that if you change the language and go to the registeration page it keep showing on the default culture or language which is hebrew, so actually multi lingual option is not well implemented.

But something positive to mention is that the content of each culture is really appropriate for the culture itself not just changing the labels for example if you go to arabic section you see arabic songs to donwload if you are at hebrew section you see hebrew songs and so on.

Anyway cool one

Tomer Kadmon said...

I am managing this site so I can give some info :-)
The pages loads fast because internal cache that was built (30 minutes). The languages are not working as Moss can give but "manually" and the search is built on Google search (not the SSP).
Basically the sites are 4 web applications that uses the fifth one that has all the storage (pics,flash,etc).
Ask if you want more info :-)