Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Throwing myself behind the site definitions

Recently on the sharepoint blogs people have begun discussing "site defintions - good or evil" again. I wanted to make my stand, but my fellow MVP Eric Shupps beat me to it and posted exactly what I think of site defitions in his blog.
So thanks Eric for pointing out what I think is right, and doing it so well. The bottom line? Site definitions are not evil, and when time will come to upgrading to sharepoint 14 (or whatever the name\number will be) then site definitions upgrade will be no worse than the features upgrade. Do your site definitions right and that will save a lot of headache, but using all kind of wierd workarounds just to avoid using site defintions is silly, and will not save you time upgrading.
That said, doing the site definitions the wrong way (get into very complex CAML work and use the site defintions as if you are still using sharepoint 2003) can be very detramental to both the current setup that you have, and to the future upgrade path. So make sure you know what you are doing, and follow Eric's advice. I agree with it 100%.


Unknown said...

Site Definitions are good

Scott Ellis said...

I have been through Eric's site too.
Its good. I would repeat Steve Ballmer "Site Definitions are good"

Scott Ellis
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