Friday, October 24, 2008

Application pool crash on win2008

This just happened to me - installed sharepoint on win2008, and for the first time ever, when I configured the farm search service, I did not choose "Use all web front end computers for crawling", but instead I selected my server. The result? Sharepoint mangled my hosts file, using IPv6 entries.
This in turn caused my application pools to crash with the error "A listener channel for protocol 'http' in worker process '6120' serving application pool 'SharePoint Central Administration v3' reported a listener channel failure. The data field contains the error number.".
Resolution? I fixed my hosts file, then disabled the IPv6 on my loopback adapter, and restarted the application pool - then I was able to go back to the search service configuration and undo what I did. That again changed my hosts file, so I had to edit it again and done! sharepoint is working again - ready for TechEd EMEA.
Talking about Tech.ED EMEA, I still didnt get any takers on the competition I started. Apparently a lot of people signed up to my presentation - enough for the teched administrators to ask me if I don't mind presenting twice (I don't - see me on tuesday or thursday). If you want to win a special prize from Australia, and are coming to Tech.ED Barcelona, comment here - and I will draw a prize from all the commenters who are there. Please leave full name.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, it helped me.

jnturnbull said...

After 3 hours of searching I finally stumbled across this post and guess what - I'd changed that search setting and had exactly that problem. Went to hosts file, reset the ipv6 details and BAM - all back. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I ran into this today as well and just spent waaay too many hours trying to figure it out. IIS got disabled/enabled a couple of times as did Sharepoint. Nothing worked.

Thank you for giving me this. I now know what I have to do. How come you can't find any of this stuff in the MS docu?