Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Samsung rant

I like Samsung. I have a samsung TV - and the only upgrade I am considering is to another samsung TV. I'd love to have a samsung SSD for my laptop. I used to have a samsung phone back in 2000 that was the sturdiest and most useful phone I ever had.
So what is this rant about? in teched last week I had a chance to play with the samsung omnia (no, I refuse to put a link. read on to know why). It was great! a windows mobile device that looks and feels like an iphone, but with the extras that the iphone failed to deliver - like a SD card extensions, and a lot of other things that I am sure you can find in your favorite hardware review site.
So, again - why am I ranting? Because I will never buy that piece of c#@$p. Why not? Because of two things. small but hugely important.
Standard USB port? hah! Samsung may have joined the mini-usb alliance, but that didnt stop them from releasing the omnia with a non standard interface. why??? I have so many spare mini usb cables, but if I buy the omnia and my cable breaks, or gets lost or I forget it at home - what then? I cant borrow one from a friend, because they all have deveices that use proper, standard, mini usb ports. I will be shunned!
Standard ear buds 3.5 port? hah! Samsung may try to compete with the iphone, but not giving me the ability to just take my expensive ear phones and plug them into the phone before I go on a run\cycle, just plain sucks. This shows that they don't want the phone to be a multimedia device, and they want us to continue buying their mp3 players (good luck with that - I am a sandisk fan for those. And those that please me, get a link!)

I hope someone in Samsung is reading this. You made a nice phone - but you missed out on two very important features. Come on - a revision shouldnt be that hard, and then you will have at least one customer here in Australia. (oh, and can you put a few more MHz in there while your at it?)

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