Thursday, August 21, 2008

Open letter to laptop manufacturers

Hello. My name is Ishai, and I am a professional developer, who also presents, teaches, and travels with his laptop.
I have requirements from my laptop that are different from home users or business users. Is there anyone out there willing to pick up the slack and build a laptop that would WORK and give me what I need?

Currently I am using a Dell XPS M1330 - which is a wonderful machine. But the manufacturer (to which I will refer as "Dell") will not support 64bit operating systems.
Thats right - I have a problem with the bluetooth on my laptop, and they won't support.So why build a laptop with a 64bit enabled CPU, sell it with 4GB RAM, and then expect your customers to install vista 32bit on it? or XP?
Bad Dell. Very bad.
Moving on - Why can't I get drivers for windows 2008? Why must I hack the nvidia drivers, the bluetooth drivers and still have a lot of things that don't work - just because no one would support a server OS on a laptop?
Where is the brave executive who will say "we make the best laptops for professionals, and we will prove it by supporting the newest operating systems, and provide drivers for everything"? Don't you want the kind of publicity when all presenters of every technical event (teched and such) show up to present with your laptops?

Here is what I expect for a professional laptop line:

  1. Newest Intel\AMD CPU
  2. Support for 4-8GB RAM (for multiple virtual machines)
  3. Screens in 13', 15' and 17' form factors
  4. The 13' model not to weigh more than 1.5kg, and slim
  5. Replacable batteries (for long flights)
  6. At least 4 USB outputs
  7. HDMI (dvi) and VGA outputs
  8. Wireless network (n) module built in
  9. Bluetooth module built in (A2DP)
  10. Option for Solid State Disk
  11. Option for raid of two disks in the larger models
  12. Decent grapics card (preferably not one that burns like the nvidia 8400)
  13. ESATA (or, in the near future USB3)
  14. SD card reader
  15. Full support for windows 2008 server (that includes a support centre helping with malfunctioning)
  16. No crapware installed (that includes the most rediculous "dell dock" - most useless piece of software ever developed by a hardware vendor)
That's it! how hard can it be?
Aperrantly very hard, since no one is offering anything like it...(and before the MAC addicts post here - show me a mac with esata, and tell me if apple supports you with win2008 problems, and do you like to hack drivers?)

Oh, and while I am at it - Nokia - is it too much to expect that your PC Suite will install on a server OS? I am giving you until the release of windows mobile 7 to explain why I can't synchronize my phone because I am using windows 2008...If I don't hear from you, HTC (or samsung) is going to get another sale.


Anonymous said...

Well said sir!

Nicholas Hadlee said...

I do enjoy your blog Ishai, and I know that was probably a reasonably serious post but it did make me chuckle a bit.

Is there really no manufacturers that support what your after? Thats fairly poor considering how far much of the portable techologies have moved...

ACrush said...

Have you looked at FujitsuSiemens Celsius or the S-series LifeBooks? These may not be a bull's eye hit, but close in some aspects.

Ishai Sagi [SharePoint MVP] said...

Acrush - the FujitsuSiemens Celsius is heavy, doesnt have an option for more than 2GB ram, and has nothing to offer me from the list I specified. not really relevant.
I also stay away from the lifebooks - my company bought a whole lot of them last year, and I refused to "upgrade" to one and stayed with my old toshiba tecra s2 which, even though it had older components and was heavier - worked better than the lifebooks. I would not recommend FujitsuSiemens laptops to anyone.

Fadi Noja said...

I have the XPS too. Did you know about the video card issue they have? They over heat and blow. I had to get my mother board changed. The only fix to it (which isn't really a fix) is a bios upgrade that keeps the fan spinning, which makes it loud! Let me know if you know of a good laptop, I'll be buying one too.