Thursday, May 01, 2008

My TechEd 2008 Presentations are on video

I gave a presentation in TechEd Israel a month ago, and it is now available to view on streaming video from Microsoft Israel.
The presentation is building an end-to-end community solution using the Microsoft Office System (sharepoint+word in this case) - using web services, custom task panes in office and even a bit of WPF thrown in for good measure.
The powerpoint is in english - but is mostly empty since 90% of the presentation was done in visual studio. If you want to see it, download it here.
The video is available for either streaming or download, but be warned - I am talking in Hebrew (and very quickly...sorry about that - wasn't given enough time to do it properly). If you are interested in seeing how to code a sharepoint web service that reads word 2007 documents and exposes their contents to a custom task pane in word, then by all means, download and watch - just mute the sound (I don't like how I sound in recordings anyway).

The other presentation I was involved in was "the 7 great tips of sharepoint deployment" where I gave the winning tip (using WSP to deploy solutions to farms). The other tips are also interesting, and again the powerpoint is in english while the video is in Hebrew - stream or download.

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