Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tech.ED Israel 2008 done - now in Seattle.

Hope you got to see me last week in TechEd Israel. It was a lot of fun to meet so many friends, and past customers. I didn't get enough time to do the presentation I had properly, but I got it done in exactly the 60 minutes that were alloted to me. I hope people can forgive me for the speed - but I was playing with what I had. I wonder how my feedback was...I will let you know if they tell me (and if it was good).
I have also taken part in an exciting presentation by 7 presentors- it was a competition between us to deliver the best MOSS deployment tip in 7 minutes. If we went over 7 minutes, a "police man" would drag us off the stage (it happened to two presentors). Then, at the end, the crowd was asked to clap for the best presentation, and the "police man" judged the claps and announced me the winner with my tip of "deploy using WSP solution packages". I won a LifeCam vx-3000, which I will contribute to the Canberra SharePoint User Group as a door prize in next month's meeting (May).

I am now in Seattle, a bit sick and jet lagged, but hopefully well enough to learn more about SharePoint and it's future in the next week. If you are an MVP and here, look me up - I am the one with the crazy hair-do!

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