Monday, March 31, 2008

Not an MVP anymore, but going to the summit and to TechEd Israel

Well, unless I get an email in the next couple of days, I am no longer an MVP. Exactly one year ago Microsoft granted me the MVP award for my contribution to the sharepoint community. I am hoping that this will be the same this year as well - but so far I hadn't heard from them. Then again - it is too early in the United states, and it could be that they are taking my advice from last year that sending the "you are an MVP" email on April's fools day is not a good idea...

I think I contributed quite a bit this year. True, I didn't blog as much, and I didn't start any new open source projects - but I am still leading the Canberra SharePoint User Group (and spent some time on developing the site and the user base. The last meeting we had 32 people come in - and that is in Canberra!). I have also answered quite a bit of questions on the SharePoint developers' forums in MSDN. Look at today's log of top answerers from the last 30 days:

If the award gets renewed, I'd be sure to let you know. but for now, I will remove the MVP logo from this site and from my email signature. If not, then I will try harder next year!

So next week I will be in Israel for the Israeli TechEd. I will be presenting a most difficult presentation on how to create a community site solution, integrating office 2007 open XML and sharepoint, with web services, VSTO and even windows presentation foundation thrown in for good measure.

The week after that I will be in Seattle for the MVP Summit where I will meet the SharePoint team, listen to lectures and mingle with other MVPs. If you are an MVP - look me up - I am the guy with the horribly big hair style and the stubbly facial hair:


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Ishai, your usually informed a couple of days in advance if your not going to be renewed.

You've been doing quite a lot so no reason not to be renewed.

I was told last week that I wouldn't be renewed, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

Ishai, you've certainly helped out a lot in the SharePoint community forums during the past year. Thank you! Re: your MVP renewal, just relax and have a bit more patience for the notification e-mail to reach you. :-)