Monday, February 18, 2008

"you did not enter a shutdown reason"

This is amazing - I tried to log into a sharepoint 2003 (yes, yes - I am working on sharepoint 2003 now) VPC that I have copied from one machine to another, and had to delete the saved state. The VPC booted ok, but when I try to log in to the domain (domain controller is another VPC with sharepoint 2007 - what fun!) I get the following error:

"The system cannot log you on: you did not enter a shutdown reason"

The amazing part is - there is no mention of this error anywhere in google, Live or Yahoo (I thought I'd try them all just to be sure). Am I the first to generate this error?

Anyway - logging in to the local computer works, so I will try a restart and check it out. It may be because its expecting a loopback adapter that existed on the original machine, and in this machine I used NAT and now it cant see the domain controller.


Solution - remove machine from the domain, add it again to the domain. I suspect the machine was part of a domain with a different VPC, and even though the domain name was exactly the same (and probably the same VPC), it just plain refused to log in to the domain until I rejoined it.


shagbark said...

I just got the same error on my Windows Server 2003 machine, after installing Service Pack 2. But how did you remove the machine from a domain without logging in?

shagbark said...

I rebooted, and entered an error comment, and it let me log in.