Monday, February 04, 2008

Tzunami Deployer, Metalogix and an apology

My current customer is looking to upgrade to sharepoint 2007 from 2003, and that is a problem - we want to move to a totaly new information architecture, so just running "upgrade" will not do.
I have reviewed two products - >Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint and Tzunami Deployer that may help us, since their tools are built for that purpose. I am still resesarching on the differences between the two, and it seems that no matter what, we will need to write some code to apply our own rules on how content should be moved. As soon as I am sure I am well versed in the differences, I will post a review about the two.
One thing I can highlight now is that metalogix seems like a great solution not for an upgrade, but for deploying content between seperate farms by using a very simple interface.

Sorry - it has been a long time since I blogged about anything useful, and I refuse to blog about windows 2008 RTMing (oops!) and other such links. But I promise that as soon as I get a chance I will start again. The last few months were hectic with holidays and goodbyes (personal story), but now I should have more spare time, and since I am preparing for a lecture that I am giving in Tech Ed Israel - I would probably have some things to write about pretty soon!.

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Anonymous said...

I have been using the Metalogix migrator for over 6 months. It is very easy to use and is very reliable.