Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Sites are site collections

Most of you are probably turning away from the browser window in disgust, saying "I can't believe he didn't know that", but the truth is - I didn't. I just realized that each my site is actually a site collection on its own. That means it doesnt share the galleries with the my site host site collection (galleries such as master pages, web parts, site columns and content types) and makes management of my sites a bit more difficult.
However, this means that you can set quotas on my sites (which I guess is the reason that MS creates them as site collections).


Anonymous said...

I believe security is the biggest reason for separate site collections.

Nimrod Geva said...

Just for you to know Ishai, The KWizCom List Aggregator web part can aggregate data from another site collection. This enables for example aggregationg data from a company's portal and display it in users' site collections.
you can check it out yourself and see:

Nimrod Geva