Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Installing a bluetooth stack in Windows 2008 Server, on a Dell XPS m1330

This has been a long, long day. Since installing windows 2008 I lost my bluetooth stack capabilities - meaning that while my bluetooth mouse worked, I couldnt add new devices, including my phone (which I sometimes use to connect to the internet through) and my stereo headset.
I downloaded everything there is (the entire internet) I finally managed to hack my way to getting it to work.

  1. Download the bluetooth drivers from Dell.
  2. Run the downloaded file. it will extract a lot of files, and start a setup application that will then get stuck on a window asking you to activate the bluetooth device by pressing fn-f2. Ignore that, and click "cancel installation"
  3. Open device manager. You should see an unknown device BCM2045. Click on that device, and tell it to reinstall driver
  4. When prompted, tell it to scan your computer, and point it at the folder where the extracted files are from the downloaded application in step one (default is C:\dell\drivers\R140135)
  5. When prompted tell windows to install the drivers inspite of them not being signed
  6. Ignore the errors about the other devices not finding drivers (I am still looking for a solution for that) if there are any
  7. When the drivers are installed, you should see the bluetooth icon in the taskbar. You can now run the setup from C:\dell\drivers\R140135 if you want (I am not sure if it makes a difference) and that is it - bluetooth away!

Do not do this. why? because while the stack is installed, it actually kills the internal bluetooth capabilities - the mouse stops working, and while the stack looks installed, actually anything you try to do with it fails - no audio, no mouse, no nothing.
Also, the graphic drivers didnt install, so when I came to the user group presentation, I couldnt connect to the projector.

However, as Fernando points out, the following article is a good place to start if you plan to use 2008 as a desktop.
I will wait for a bluetooth stack update. Until then, Vista SP1 away!


Anonymous said...

I'm running 2008 x64 standard on my inspiron 1520... all working fine except bluetooth... same issues as you with the dell 355 card.

Anonymous said...

exact same issues here on the 355 card on an xps m1730.