Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is customer support!

Sorry - another non-sharepoint post. I promise to post something good later today.

I just got a response from the GPS company TomTom about a question I sent them. You see, my TomTom GPS is also a bluetooth hands free in my car, and has a microphone that you attach to the sun screen which allows you to talk with great sound quality. The problem is that tomtom never expected someone like me to use that - I broke the microphone clip after about 8 months use.
The annoying thing - they dont sell spare parts. In the UK you can buy another set of microphone+clip, but here in Australia it is not available for some reason. So I got to tomtom web site, and in the support section asked for help. within a day (!) I got a response that they are sending me a replacement!

This is the kind of customer service I like to see. I know that the next GPS I get will be a tomtom.

Side note - if anyone from tomtom is reading this - can you add an Israel map to your collections of maps? I really want to travel with my tomtom...


Robin Meuré said...

That's the dutch glory mate.. :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the map-providers don't have very good coverage in the middle east. We want to have excellent navigation support everywhere, but in order for us to provide that, we need correct data.
As soon as we get something that doesn't have roads that disappeared ten years ago, and is missing 75% of the road network, you'll have it in your GO :)