Sunday, December 16, 2007

DELL XPS and 64bit operating systems

This has me angry enough to blog about. I have a Dell XPS m1330 laptop. Its a great laptop - fast, small, efficient and best of all - it is configured with all the best options available from dell (except for a solid state hard drive), including 4GB RAM - which dictates a 64bit operating system to take advantage of the juice.
The only problem is that you cannot install a 64bit operating system on it without turning off AHCI - which sucks. I called Dell, and a supporter named "Michael MG" confirmed that they (dell) do not know what drivers are needed to download to make this work (he advised me to "google it") and when I asked, if my laptop doesnt have a "A:" drive how do I install drivers during windows installation. Michael told me that I can't and therefore should only install windows 32bit or turn off AHCI support.
Does anyone know if the Apple machines support AHCI on vista 64bit?

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