Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Email Alerts not getting sent, while other emails are

Had this recently at a customer's - the server would send emails if you added a user to a site, or if you registered for an alert - you'd get the email saying the alert was activated. But when someone added an item to the list, you didnt get the email for the alert.

Looking in the Timer Job Status list in central admin showed that we had two front end servers, and on one of them the "Immediate Alerts" job was always on "failed". After much research and head banging, a collegue of mine suggested I look into the relay settings of the SMTP server.
When I opened the relay settings I found to my surprise that the IP addresses that were configured to allow relay did not include the IP address for one of the front end servers. Adding that IP address resolved the problem.

Now the alerts are working, but for some reason the " Send e-mail when ownership is assigned" on a task list is not working. Wish I knew how to fix that...


Unknown said...

I've had my troubles with the new item assigned alert as well. You didn't mention anything about permissions, but if the users do not have full access, I've learned that the "Use Remote Interfaces" (RemoteAPIs) permission is required in order to receive alerts. At least the users didn't receive any alerts before this permission was assigned to them.

All users are now able to receive the alerts, although for some reason the message they receive is that "an item has been changed" and not "assigned to them".

Unknown said...

did you ever get the assigned to person email to work? i have the seame issue.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on how to resolve time job failures for alerts.