Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tools of the trade

Some people ask me what I am developing on, so I guess I will post my hardware\software list every now and then.


I am currently using a Dell XPS M1330 with T7700 (they now have a penryn processor option...I missed out!) with 4GB RAM and a 160GB 7200RPM hard drive.

I use a Western Digital Passport external drive for my virtual machines (see software).


  1. Vista 64bit SP1 enterprise edition

  2. Office 2007 ultimate

  3. VPC 2007 (for the virtual machines I use at work)

  4. VMWare workstation 6 (for personal development and presentations I find it faster, and it supports 64Bit guests! excellent!)

  5. Free Download Manager

  6. Roboform (to manage all my passwords)

  7. 7-Zip for all my archiving needs (although every now and then I need winrar

  8. Total Commander which is the most comfortable file manager I have used since Norton Commander

  9. Snag It and Camtasia for easily capturing my screen for presentations or web casts

  10. Skype to make overseas phonecalls (I use skypeout)

  11. Acronis true image for backup

  12. Winamp for my MP3 (I used to use musikcube, but it crashed too often for me to enjoy it)

  13. Google toolbar (and as my home page)

In the future I will write about what I have in my virtual machines -which is more interesting - what I feel is a must on a development sharepoint machine.


Unknown said...

Normally when people find out I use winamp they look at me like I'm odd. I'm glad to see others still love that program too!
I see most of your software is physically installed on your PC, have you considered moving some of your apps online? For example, trying an online password manager:


David Melter said...

What you would suggest to look for as a developer? We have the following situation. We run a pretty large Windows environment the whole thing gets ruined down by password reset incidents that we record with the helpdesk. It gets harder to manage them with every passing moment here. I heard there's a way to move some part of the work to users. Something like allowing them reset their passwords through the web. Have you heard about such tools? I don’t know a lot about them but from what I've heard this one it seemed to be the most solid-made. I saw some PHP-based implementations of the password self-service and some of them were amazing. However, I don't know whether it was because of the engine they use or whatever their integration with Directory Services was pretty weak. What's more as far as I am concerned PHP is weak in security and less scalable than IIS. This Scriptlogic tool that I mentioned above seems to be a interesting since it integrates with Windows logins script, allows managing it via secure channel and it even provides password security auditing and reporting thought SQL reporting services and e-mail notifications.