Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Passed another exam

Hi all,
I had passed yet another MSCTS 70-631 Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Configuring. This completes the set, and now I have all four sharepoint exams under my belt.
I have to say that this one was the most difficult one for me, since it had many questions about topics I try not to touch - for example load balancing. I really don't understand why a sharepoint expert needs to know load balancing and what is the difference between multicast and unicast, and how you should configure the network adapters. On the other hand, some of the questions were easy for me because they had more to do with development (for example, if a custom web part gets installed and crashes with an unhandled error - what should the administrator do? The answer was easy for me, because I am a developer - but is it fair for an admin to get asked that?)
So all in all I am happy about this, and I plan to promptly forget everything I know about WSS and MOSS configuration and installation. Heck, people keep asking me questions about this - "Ishai, how do I configure forms authentication?" or "Ishai, I configured anonymous and it doesn't work" - and I am sick of it. My answer from now on will be "I don't know, but I will write you a web part to make it all better!".

Speaking of webparts, I didn't get any complaints about my enhanced content query webpart, so I am moving on and will start thinking of my next open source project. It is still in infancy, but I hope to let you know about it soon.

On an unrelated matter, I will be speaking at the Israeli SharePoint user group next month (19/9) about features and templates (hebrew web site) so if you are in Israel, come over and say hello.

While I am there, there is a Canberra user group without me, and I am still looking for presenters. I will keep you updated if you want to know who will talk. Last month we had Anthony Woodward from my company talk about sharepoint record managment compliance in general and with Australian-specific notes. It was quite interesting. If you want to present, give me a buzz (my contact form is on this blog - look for it!)

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Anonymous said...

"what should the administrator do?" is an OK question to ask an administrator :-)