Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Search query default row limit is 50 rows

Just something that happened to us - we were wondering why all the search queries that one of our developers wrote in a web service were only returning 50 results everytime. The answer was simple - if you don't specify a RowLimit to the query object, the default is 50.
The solution is easy - set the RowLimit property to the number that you want.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Live vs Google

Every now and then someone from Microsoft asks me why I don't use Live Search as my search engine. My answer is always the same - results are awful!

In my opinion Microsoft have a lot to learn before getting us a proper search engine.

First - try searching for "sharepoint australia" (without the quotes) - in google, the first results is Angus Logan's blog and the second is the APAC conference from two months ago.
The third results is my post about me presenting at teched australia.
The fourth - my user group in Canberra.

Now do the same with Live - first result is the APAC conference, next is the site for WISDOM - where they sell sharepoint related products. Next, a broken link to a page in obs.com.au that does not exist any more - another company that works with sharepoint.
Why is it broken? Well, the link under is is also to the same site, but this time the aspx page doesnt have an underscore and it works.
As we go down in the page, we see more and more sites of vendors trying to sell you something, or microsoft's own site. Not a single blog or user group site in sight.

My conclusion - Google results are quality based, while MS results are commercially based. And until they change that - I AM NOT USING LIVE.

Note - this was triggered by an old blog post by Arpan about how he uses Live search because it is better.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Enhanced Content Query Web Part goes Beta 2!

I am proud to announce that the Enhanced Content Query Web Part is now beta 2. The new release includes a WSP deployment file that simplifies deployment - just download the file, and use STSADM to install it - no more messing around with web.config, .dwp or .webpart files, or xslt style sheets!

I even wrote a small batch file to help you install it if you are uncomfortable with the stsadm command line.

You can find the above in the project's web site: http://www.codeplex.com/ECQWP

The new version also comes with default xslt files that get installed in the style library and render the web part like a list (table format):

Now, to get to release candidate, I still need:

  • Testers (must have own server)

  • Technical Writers (must have own server)

Testers need not contact me - they should just go to the project web site and start entering bugs in the Issue Tracker.

Writers should contact me and I will ask them to write up the installation instructions and usage documentation.

Monday, July 02, 2007

I am presenting - Tech Ed Australia 2007.

It is official - I will be presenting two presentations in Tech Ed Australia 2007:

  • OFC304 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Upgrade and Migration

    Do you want to learn about upgrading from Windows SharePoint Services version 2 to version 3, and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to Office SharePoint Server 2007? In this session you will learn the different upgrade options, as well as how to prepare your SharePoint deployment today for upgrade.
  • OFC402 Templates and Features: The Engine Under the SharePoint Hood - Build and Deploy Your Own!
    Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services version 3.0 provides many new capabilities for extending existing sites and building new solutions. This session outlines the high-level concepts of SharePoint templates, features, and extension points; and discusses the best practices for deploying code to a SharePoint farm, including code access security and the new solution deployment capability.

I will also be available for Q&A, and am always happy to answer questions - so come meet me in Tech Ed, and let me know how you liked my presentation!

Tips on xslt dataviews by Mark Kruger!

Take a look at "Free SharePoint DataView Tips" by Mark Kruger. Useful!