Monday, June 04, 2007

Coming Soon! Content Query Web Part with Context Menus

Well, I promised you something that will knock your socks off, so hold on!

I have started a new open source project for an Enhanced Content Query Web Part that will have the enhancement (in the first stage) of Context Menus.

(note - the project is not yet published - I need to figure out why my laptop suddenly refuses to connect to codeplex, and I will release the beta)

Content Query Web Part for MOSS with Context Menus

Additional features that will come with this release include the ability to add the default toolbar (new, updload, actions, settings) to the web part when it is connected to a specific library or list (not in aggregation mode)

Content Query Web Part with Toolbar

Some things will not work as you'd expect (if you select a view using the view selector it will redirect you to the view, not change the current web part) but it is a very useful addition to the web part's abilities!

I intend for this project to grow to be a true replacement of the content query web part, and that is why I am calling this project "Enhanced Content Query Web Part".

I hope others who have done work around enhancing the built-in web part like Meron Friedman (Content Query Web Part with marquee) and Steven Van de Craen (extended Content Query Web Part with item limit per group *link seems to be broken?*) will join me as developers on this project, and integrate their code with mine.

I am also looking for advanced developers to help me get my current code stabilized. If you want to help - contact me.

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