Monday, April 02, 2007

Tasks and Sub tasks application coming up!

I got a lot of responses lately to my old article where I boasted about a "tasks-sub tasks" solution I helped implement, and it seems a lot of people want the code.
Unfortunately, I am not free to give away that code - and anyway, it was done before I learned some new tricks. So now I will focus on doing this properly as an open source project, with a step-by-step installation instructions.
This will take some time, so please be patient, and don't stop reading this blog - I am not ignoring you - I am just busy...

Any developer out there want to join my effort and do some of the work? I can write a pretty good spec for you - I need people who either know good web part development (preferably with Ajax knowledge, but I can live without) or people with good knowledge of site and list definitions creation.
If you are interested, contact me at the following email address (if you cant figure out the email address, you can't be in the project!)

Your's Ishai Sagi

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