Tuesday, April 10, 2007

STP Language converter - free download

My friends in Kwizcom have done it again.
Below is a link to their free STP language converter which "translates a site template file (.stp) to a desired language".
This would be very useful if you want to install the Microsoft templates (the "fantastic 40") but you are running a sharepoint server in alanguage that Microsoft didn't release the templates in.
See this in the Kwizcom blog or just download the tool from their site.
If you want to know how they do it - they are telling you that too!

Good work guys!


Anonymous said...

Nearly 2 years and no comment. Probably just like for me... it didn't work. At least not for ListTemplates.

Unknown said...

please help me for using stp language converter.
1- where can i download template for translate ?
2- this software do support persian language ?
3- if i did install tepmlate , how i do translate this template?